The new firmware version 1.1.1 for UGOOS UT4 TV Box Release

Here you will find anew firmware for TV Box, Mini PC, Tablet, etc.
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New firmware for UGOOS UT4 TV Box (version 1.1.1 release). :)

Changes from previous version:

- Added Gamepad settings and axes simulation
- Added TvSettings
- Replaced Rockchip Filemanager on Ugoos Filemanager
- Changed processing logic of Daydream (Screensaver) and Sleep timers
- Added Cast Receiver app. You can share video to the box from YouTube app on your mobile phone
- Fixed time zone for multi-window mode
- Fixed bug on/off fireasy support
- Fixed bug save date & time after reboot
- Enabled support RKGameConrolSettings by default
- Fixed a sound bug in some game


firmware v 1.1.1 full image -!6Q5AFYhA!DX8j9xFp7f2p ... bRnPCzG2jU

firmware v 1.1.1 increment file -!fE5kVAzB!F9hYmpUwSuax ... K5WIoaeUMk

firmware v 1.1.1 full OTA pack -!nMQEBIhY!-CpWjN0KPgwh ... x3rL4rC6ir

RKRemoteControl app download here: Team
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