Best Android TV box for phone farming

If you do not know what model TV Box, Mini PC, Tablet, Laptop, Projector, Smartwatch, etc. decide, ask together we will find the answer
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I'm looking for the least expensive easily rootable high Android version (Lollipop or higher) Android TV boxes that I can power over USB w/ ethernet input. I need root access so that I can reboot them remotely using VMLite VNC Server. I don't want to purchase a bunch of random TV boxes only to find out that I can't root them. I'm trying to run the YooLotto app.
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Much thanks to you for this edifying article about farming with phones. I'm from Italy and I need to know whether there are a few limitations or outstanding changes with this topographical condition. I am very happy to visit this website. I am looking forward to read more interesting articles from from you.
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thanks for that
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Thanks for sharing. I also want to get some more details about it. Don't hesitate to share more details. LOL!
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I have a Chromecast ( 2nd gen ), a mi box and an nvidia shield TV.
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