What is the best VPN to Watch Kodi

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I use Kodi on my laptop (windows 10 OS), and I have a Minix Neo U9-H. I was using Tunnelbear for free. But I want a trusted and a reliable VPN which can help me streaming on Kodi and PC as well for the torrenting purpose. I was looking on google and found a guide on best VPN for streaming. In the guide, only Buffered and NordVPN looked reasonable to me, but I need some more advice. Want to know if they can give a simultaneous service on different devices and on how many devices will I get the service? I need to see if they don't keep logs and if they give proper function. A separate Extention for Kodi will be a plus.

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In this article you should find some answers: http://hometheatrelife.com/best-vpn-kodi/
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Thanks for the reply. I will be looking forward to it. But still, I have questions. I asked this Question from MINIX support. But it's been almost 10 hours, and I haven't got any reply from them. What I want to know if Minix supports VPN and which VPN works the best on their device. But no clue from them yet.
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Frankly speaking, all the VPN are best. Service varies from price to price. I use ivacy vpn which is the best vpn for kodi.
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any vpn would work. just make sure it's private and anonymous. i might be able to better guide you in a couple of days. i just got one.
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I have been using Nord VPN. For streaming.
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If you want to play your favorite games that are geo-restricted in your country try Ivacy VPN for gaming purposes to get the premium features in the freemium version.
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