What is TV Box?

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The fun of a TV Box is, in very short terms, taking a TV that isn't “smart” and turning it into a smarter device. The way it does this is also simple to understand: the box comes with an embedded operating system, which supports applications that you normally wouldn't have access to on your older TV.

In some cases, however, the experience of a TV Box can be even more interesting than that of a Smart TV with a native system – since most manufacturers tend to bet on relatively closed systems (see WebOS , which many people don't is a fan), which ends up impacting the user experience.

The good thing about having a TV Box is the fact that you don't need a lot of technical knowledge to use it: if you are in the habit of browsing apps, playing with the functions of your smartphone or tablet, then you already have one. good sense of how this type of device works – it's almost the same thing, only with a remote control instead of your fingers.

What you need to worry about is: a constant, good-speed internet connection (some people talk about 120 Mbps or higher connections, but there's no consensus on this – and this speed probably refers more to 4K video resolution , something that not every TV Box can achieve and those that do are relatively expensive). But you don't necessarily need a wired connection – which is great if you want a more organized TV-close environment – ​​it works via Wi-Fi as well.

Ah yes. And valid accounts within these entertainment apps: Netflix, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+… These all work on a monthly subscription model, so you'll need to purchase the aforementioned services in addition to the TV Box, ok?

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