H96 Max HD TV Box

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Please does anybody know what is going on here !!!!! concerning Wifi Speeds....
Home Internet 150mbps
4k Firestick I get 130/150 Mbps
H96 Max connected via ethernet to H96 box - 90/100 (which may be expected )
Wifi 4k Firestick connected to singapore VPN - 60/90 Mbps
Wifi H96 Max connected to singapore VPN - 40/50 Mbps (which maybe expected)

Now here comes something strange

H96 max connected direct to internet 2&5ghz (no VPN) - 20/35 Mbps

I would have thought the VPN would have been less mbps than the native.................

Any thoughts or suggestions, or is this a software bug for native internet on the H96 max box ??

Thoughts comments appreciated
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