2019 Release Amlogic S905X3/ S922X

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Amlogic S905X3 and S922X coming soon: (Amlogic S922X Six-Core Chip Introduction)https://www.h96tvbox.com/android-tv-box ... -chip.html

The S922X and S905X3 are equipped with an open Android 9.0 system. The S905X3 is basically the same as the S905X2. S922X is the latest flagship chip of Jingchen. It adopts four A73 big core plus two A53 small core six-core design, and integrates G52 six-core graphics processor. The performance is very strong. At present, the industry customization project based on S922X scheme has been Start.

At present, the S922X chip is equipped with Android 9.0 system, Android 9.0 has good API support in artificial intelligence, combined with the super processor performance of S922X, there will be a relatively large expansion space in this field. The S922X does not have a prominent performance in video decoding. Its video support list is basically the same as the S905X2, but the performance of the processor will be more stable in the video decoding of extremely high image quality and super large stream. The S922X supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology, Bluetooth 5.0 supports ultra-low power consumption, and has a good room for expansion in smart home scenes. The S922X chip is expensive, and it is also destined to be unsuitable for the affordable home audio and video market. It is only suitable for high value-added industry projects.

We specialize in the development and production of Android tv box project in Amlogic and Rockchip. We have very good technical accumulation and industry development experience, and support OEM and ODM customization.
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