Android TV WiFi issue + Router issues

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D-link DSL-G2562DG , DSL Port is not working and I need Wireless AC to stream 4K because the LAN Port buffers a lot while trying to stream on Plex Server even with MrMC, I am not using any WAN though.
Connected through CAT6 lead to LAN port on the Zyxel router, LAN port to LAN port.
Connected with Plex server's gigabit ethernet connection.
Enable DHCP relay - pointing to Zyxel routers ip
LAN port maps all checked.

On both 2 and 5ghz my iPhones and laptops can connect to the internet and receive ip via dhcp.
On the Ematic Android TV it detects the D-links WiFi, try and connect it cant receive an IP, even static IP with correct gateway doesn't work (no internet)
On the Ematic Android TV if I connect the LAN port it receives dhcp IP and works.

Zyxel VMG1312-B10A connected to Vdsl.
Connected via Cat6 lead to the D-link.

Any ideas why the Ematic Android TV box doesn't receive an IP on the D-link WiFi and every other device has no issues?
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Have you restored factory settings on Ematic Android TV Box (erase everything)?
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