MXQ Pro 4K Help

If you have a problem with the TV Box, something does not work or work poorly here you can add a question
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I have 2 MXQ Pro 4K , one is stuck in red light, the other it turns on but nothing happens. the one with the red light I tried to flash it but always stops at 7% using burn tool and it wont flash by sd card at all, it does not go in android recovery mode. the other one I found a flash image that burns all the way but when I connect to the tv it shows the amlogic logo and it goes to no signal in the tv. let me give you more info in the boards. the red light one is a MXQ_S95W_V2.0 (even has a sticker that says 7%) maybe gave hell to the Chinese and they got it to work and sent it for sale anyway. so the other one has the same letters and numbers like the red light one (but no 7% sticker) i Need the factory bin file or the sd card image to try to revive one or the other. it will be appreciated any help with my problem. Thanks.
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