RAM 6gb Rockchip RK3368 H96 Smart Tv Box

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If you want to buy a TV box, tangled RK3328 and RK3368 chipset, do not know which one is better? From the perspective of performance parameters, the performance of RK3368 is better than RK3328. Regarding the introduction of RK3328, I will not repeat it here, if you do n’t understand, you can check the link: RK3328 https://www.h96tvbox.com/android-tv-box ... views.html
Octa-Core 64bit Cortex-A53 H96 smart tv box rk3368 Soc
RK3368 Overivews:(Rockchip RK3368 Certification Download View)https://www.h96tvbox.com/android-tv-box ... views.html
RK3368 is a processor for high-end tablet, notebook, all-in-one device , smart monitor and TV-Box. Especially it is one of most powerful 64bit arm solution for 4Kx2K smart TV Box.
Integrated 64bit octa-core Cortex-A53.
Powerful GPU from PowerVR is embedded to support smoothly high-resolution (3840x2160) display and mainstream game. Support OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.0, OpenCL1.1, RenderScript and DirectX etc.
Full-format video decoder, including 4Kx2K multi-format decoder.
Fully-integrated hardware-based security solution will provide HDCP2.x for miracast and all kinds of DRM solution based on different OS.
64-bit SoC Octa-core Cortex-A53
PowerVR SGX6110 GPU up to 600Mhz, support OpenGL ES 3.1/OpenCL 1.2/DirectX 9.3
HDMI 2.0, 4K*2K H.264/H.265, 4K*[email protected] output
Android 5.1 Lollipop ready
Security OS, HDCP2.2
tv box Octa Core 64bit Cortex A53 chip rk3368
Rockchip Rk3368 Soc:
28nm HKMG process
Octa core Cortex-A53 processor, up to 1.5Ghz
High performance GPU up to 600Mhz, support OpenGL ES 3.1/OpenCL 1.2/DirectX 9.3
4K*2K H264/H265 real-time video decoder
4K*[email protected] HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2
Local display resolution up to 1080p
CABC, FBC inside display engine to get lower power
MIPI-CSI2 interface with embedded 8M ISP
DDR3/3L-1600, LPDDR3-1600
Support MLC NAND, eMMC 4.5.1, support SDIO 3.0
Support TrustZ and HDCP 2.2, Security OS
Support 800w RAW Data camera
Rich peripheral and connectivity
Process • 28nm
CPU • Octa-Core 64bit Cortex-A53,up to 1.5GHz
GPU • PowerVR G6110 GPU
• Support OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.1, OpenCL, DirectX9.3
• High performance dedicated 2D processor
Multi-Media • 4K VP9/H265/H264 video decoders, up to 60fps
• 1080P other video decoders (VC-1, MPEG-1/2/4, VP8)
• 1080P video encoder for H.264 and VP8
Display • Support RGB/LVDS/MIPI-DSI/eDP interface, up to 2048x1536 resolution
• HDMI 2.0 for [email protected] with HDCP 1.4/2.2
Security • ARM TrustZone (TEE), Secure Video Path, Cipher Engine, Secure boot
Memory • 32bit DDR3-1600/DDR3L-1600/LPDDR3-1333
• Support MLC NAND, eMMC 4.51, Serial SPI Flash booting
Connectivity • Embedded 8M ISP, MIPI CSI-2 and DVP interface
• Dual SDIO 3.0 interface
• TS in/CSA2.0 ,support DTV function
Package • BGA453 19X19, 0.8mm pitch
State • MP Now
Rockchip RK3368 eight-core 64-bit parameter table
Rockchip RK3368 uses eight-core 64-bit ARM Coretex-A53 core architecture, 28nm process design, running at 1.5GHz; GPU is PowerVR G6110, supports OPENGL ES 3.1; RK3368 has super video capabilities, supports 4K × 2K video , H.264 / H.265 hard decoding and HDMI [email protected] output; the system platform is Android 5.1 Lollipop; Support Security OS and mainstream DRM and HDCP2.2 security standards; AnTuTu runs over 38,000 points.
Cortex-A53 is the latest high-end product of ARM-based Cortex-A50 processor series based on 64-bit ARMv8 architecture. It is the most energy-efficient and smallest 64-bit processor in the world, featuring high performance and low power consumption. The eight-core Cortex-A53 can run at full speed under high load, and can also flexibly shut down the core under low load, reduce frequency conversion to low performance, low power consumption mode.
The 64-bit environment doubles the width of the processor's data stream and can support larger amounts of memory, providing higher processing efficiency during large-scale data processing. Cortex-A53 also has many important features, such as support for virtualization, 256 TB storage, L1 and L2 caches that support ECC, and so on.
Compared to Cortex-A9 processors, Cortex-A7 processors and other 32-bit processors, Cortex-A53 processors not only lead more than 30% in energy efficiency, but also have more advanced computing mechanisms and performance. As the world's first Coretex-A53 octa-core 64-bit processor applied to OTT BOX products, RK3368 will accelerate the overall iteration of OTT BOX TV box product updates and become a powerful catalyst for a new generation of flagship OTT BOX products.
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