X10 Plus R-TV Android TV box firmware

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I'm looking for firmware for an X10 Plus R-TV Android TV box, does anyone have an IMG file for this box?

The box currently boots then goes to a screen with Android logo on it's back with no options to select. I've tried the reset button inside the AV port but it won't boot into recovery.

The CPU is an Allwinner H6, ARM Cortex-A53 with Mali T720 GPU. I managed to find similar firmware for a Sunvell Q plus as this has the same CPU, it works but the remote doesn't work so some drivers must be missing.

If anyone has this or is able to rip firmware off one of these devices, I'd be really grateful :)
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R-TV Box (Allwinner H6 Android 9.0 4GB) a normal format may be desirable once the card's original function has been fulfilled.the backrooms
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