Samsung TV issues again

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So, Synology updated the DS video app on the Samsung TV platform (version 1.5) and now 5 out of 10 movies wont play. Last tiem they updated the app, they screwed up the subtitles.
Programming quality and control is not there strong side, so annoying.
Anybody else is seeing this? Symptoms are that the buffer wheel just keeps "buffering" and never times out or plays the movie. I can play fine from android to TV or chromecast but I liked the TV app as it could handle DTS tracks.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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I also found some troubles with Samsung TV OS. I was trying to install ... ex142.html on my TV, everything was fine, I played a bit, but after reloading my TV (switching off and on again), this game disappears! Is it possible to find any solution?
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Can I play online games like ... t-hunters/ on my Samsung TV? Or do I need to have another gadget connected to it so I can play like I'm playing on my computer? :?
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I think you should quit android and use Linux once as it has no issues.https://https:// ... china-vpn/
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