X88 Pro 20 Android Box, is worth to buy?

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X88 pro 20 is very Hot-sale last year. The X88 series boxes are actually very good performers, X88 Pro 10 box has a very large number of people using it.

The Pro 20 is an upgraded version with the best configuration. It’s equipped with a new generation of Rockchip3566 Dual Wifi 2.4G 5G, Support Firmware Upgrade Online, 8K Decoder support 1000M network, you can watch 8K movies at home.

Today we will talk about is it worth buying? We will be conducting a series of reviews.

1. Appearance and styling

The appearance of X88 PRO 20 is a solid black box with a textured front shaped like a fan’s fan blades blowing. There are four rubber legs at the bottom, which are used to increase stability. The bottom also has ventilation holes, and the four rubber legs are also good for heat dissipation.

Moving on to ports in the sides, it’s better than what we often find on TV BOX devices. It includes USB 2.0 port USB 3.0 port, SPDIF digital audio out, Gigabit Ethernet port, DC, and HDMI 2.1 with support for resolutions up to 8k, And finally, a TF slot.

The box is very small in the hand, also relatively easy to carry.

2. Configuration

It uses Rockchip RK3566 Quad-Core 64bit Cortex-A55. GPU: ARM Mali-G52 2EE, Support Firmware Upgrade Online. Support H.265, 8K@24fps, 4K@60fps, HD 2.0, USB3.0. Support 1000M Ethernet, 2.4G&5G Wifi+ac, BT4.2.

All the specific parameters you can see the product:
https://apkintvbox.com/product/x88-pro- ... 11-tv-box/

This box supports dual wifi, but the wifi connection method is generally not very stable, so it also has a Gigabit Ethernet port. We recommended you use a network cable to connect, using a network cable can make the network speed reach the fastest, and the network cable connection is currently The most stable connection method.
It is equipped with a wireless bluetooth voice remote control. Compared with the original remote control, this remote control feels better and matches the appearance of the X88 Pro 20 very well.

The following picture is the main interface of X88 Pro 20, it is an Android 11.0 system. Because it hasn’t Root, this system page cannot be changed.
There is another point to note (because we have already had customers contact us about this issue), the QR code in the Family Cloud of the X88 Pro 20 is built-in with the system and cannot be changed.
Some users may not like this software and function, the X88 series may cancel this software in the future, but at present, the X88 series all have this function.


3. Box Performance
The X88 Pro 20 is not a Google certified Android TV box, so it only supports you to install some apps in the play store, it doesn’t have access to the full Google Play store, it doesn’t have any way to pre-install apps like Chrome, and it doesn’t automatically update apps.
But also, for this reason, it can support you to download many unknown sources or third-party apps without jailbreaking. You can download some apps you want. Just open a browser, enter the download link, and allow all.

X88 PRO 20 supports 8K decode, bringing you high viewing and smooth video playback, the highest resolution signal available for home movies, allowing you to enjoy an amazing visual feast, 4K movies smoothly with every detail of the picture clear, high color saturation, good picture quality with no buffering.

In general, the X88 Pro 20 is a good choice as a mid-range box. It is very good at decoding video, especially when watching 4K movies.
The Android 11.0 system is also the latest Android system, just Because the Android 11.0 system is too new, it may not be compatible with many apps at present, which should be improved in the future.
In terms of price, because it has different specifications, the price can also have multiple choices. You can choose the box that suits you according to your budget. For me, I think this box is worth buying!
If you are interested in Android & OTT tv box, you can also see our website: https://apkintvbox.com/
If you have any other ideas, you can leave a message below my article, or contact me:

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Because there are a variety of options for the product's specs, the cost can be set in a number of ways.bubble shooter Your choice of box should reflect your financial situation. In my opinion, you should purchase this box.
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The X88 PRO 20 looks like a solid black box with a textured front that resembles the blowing motion of fan blades. To increase stability, there are four rubber legs at the bottom of the table. Additionally, the bottom has ventilation holes, fnf and the four rubber legs are efficient at dissipating heat.
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Check the specifications and features of the Android Box. Look for aspects such as processor speed, geometry dash lite RAM, storage capacity, supported video resolutions, and additional features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.
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Whether it's worth buying depends on individual preferences, budget, and specific use cases. However, based on the provided information, it seems like a worthwhile option for those seeking a capable slice master Android TV Box with advanced features.
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