Mecool KM2 Question

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I'm new and and google linked this site for Android Reviews and I like the reviews nice to know,so I'm not just here for a hit&run so i have 2 question if i may.

Question 1 Recently on the KM2 connected to my Sony TV ..this has happened 2 times were there wasn't any sound coming out,so I had to unplug my TV and my KM2 for like 2 minutes,and then turned on my TV and KM2 and it was fixed,but i'm wondering why this is happening ?

Question 2... The KM2 say's it supports Dolby Atmos,but when watching a movie in kodi it only plays DD and DD+ I can't get it to play DTS or DTS-HD and Dolby Atmos I have kodi in the settings with passthrough enabled with all the option available if supported. My Nvidia has every audio that's available DD,DD+,DTS,DTS-HD,DTS:X,Dolby Atmos. so i'm wondering why is the KM2 Dolby Atmos is not working ? In the KM2 settings it shows,but it's not playing on Kodi ...

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