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Amlogic Semiconductor Announces Android 9 Pie Ready Set-Top Box Chip Solution
At the IBC2018 show in Amsterdam, Amlogic Semiconductor showed the industry its 1GB DDR 4K (1G4K) Android TV set-top box chip solution running Android 9 Pie system.

Amsterdam, IBC2018, September 14, 2018 - The industry's leading fabless semiconductor company and Google's partner Crystal Chen Semiconductor (hereafter referred to as Jing Chen) announced today that it has successfully integrated the Android 9 Pie operating system into the S905X chip. The 1G4K Android TV set-top box platform provides the industry with a proven 1G4K solution for the mature Android 9 Pie. With this achievement, Jing Chen will work with Google and global developers to accelerate the introduction of higher performance and more functional smart TV set-top boxes.

Google officially released its latest version of Android, Android 9 Pie (Android P), in August this year. The Android P system is an optimized version of the Android TV system that improves system performance, reduces memory usage, and enhances the user experience for system startup, installation, setup, and other Google applications. New security features and continuous enhancements to Treble technology make it easier for developers to upgrade their systems.

"The successful deployment of the Android 9 Pie system in the Crystal Morning Set-top box chip is a big plus for Jing Chen and the entire market," said James Xie, vice president of business strategy at Crystal Morning Semiconductor. “Crystal is striving to provide customers with set-top boxes and smart TV chip technology that combines high performance and low cost, and fully enhance the consumer's 4K TV viewing experience.”

In June this year, Jing Chen released the S90X, a 4K Ultra HD Android TV set-top box chip system solution that supports Netflix and 1GB DDR storage. The chip's innovative 1GB DDR memory design provides a high-quality 4K resolution streaming solution for a wider consumer base. The S905X 1G4K chip solution dramatically reduces product cost and will accelerate the further penetration of 4K set-top boxes in the global market.

Today, Jing Chen has released the Android TV P Ready set-top box reference design solution for the industry. Jing Chen's first Android TV P S905X chip with 1G memory 4K set-top box reference design is now available, and the set-top box using the crystal morning 1G4K S905X reference design is expected to be available before the end of 2018.

"Crystal is looking forward to the first S905X chip, consumer products integrated with Android P as soon as possible." Xie Jianlei added. “Consumers will enjoy the new features and functions brought about by the integration of advanced technologies.”

On September 14-18, 2018, during the IBC2018 exhibition in Amsterdam, Amlogic will showcase Android P Ready's 1G4K Android TV set-top box solution with its ODM partners. The stand is located in Hall 5 of RAI, booth A27.

About Amlogic Semiconductor
Crystal Morning Semiconductor is a global leader in the design of fabless semiconductor systems, offering a wide range of multimedia electronics for a variety of open platforms, including OTT, IP set-top boxes, smart TVs and smart home products.

Crystal's highly optimized HD multimedia processing engine, system IP and industry-leading CPU and GPU technologies provide product solutions for pay-TV operators, OEMs and ODMs. Amlogic Semiconductor is able to achieve unprecedented cost, performance and power optimization through patented technologies. Amlogic Semiconductor is able to provide turnkey solutions for Android and Linux to help partners quickly deploy the market.

Amlogic Semiconductor was founded in Santa Clara, California, USA, and has R&D centers in Santa Clara, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Taipei, Seoul and France to support and sell branches. Welcome to Amlogic's official website for more information.

Android is a trademark of Google. ARM and Cortex are trademarks of ARM, Inc.

Android is a registered trademark of Google. ARM and Cortex are registered trademarks of ARM.
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