CPU RK3328 Tv Box test

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On CES2018, Rockchip released a high-end Tv box (internet set-top Box) solution RK3328, known as smart android tv box artifact, HD studio evaluation room was fortunate to get the tv box product with RK3328 chip solution, then Let's take a look at its actual performance!
[Parameter configuration]
RK3328 processor uses 64-bit A53 architecture quad-core processor, clocked at 1.5GHz, GPU uses Mali-450MP2, supports Android 8.1 and Linux OS system, can support 4K60 frame video decoding, the latest 4K ultra HD (UHD Premium) ), HDR10/HLG and other international standards.

Support USB3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet data transmission.

[System UI and Features]

The tv box boot speed is very fast, from the start to the main page UI display, the whole process is about 30 seconds. Compared with other android tv boxes, RK3328 tv box has a good boot speed.

The front page system UI adopts an interface design similar to the win10 system style, and the option menu is directly presented in front of the user in the form of a poster, and the display content is richer and more intuitive.

The system has built-in movies and TV dramas such as YouTube, Netflix, TED, etc., which brings together the latest and most popular movies and TV dramas in the world. Users with accounts can log in and watch them.

The application bar is set at the bottom of the homepage. Users can customize the order before and after, and bid farewell to the traditional tv box classification, saving a lot of operation steps.
[Quality test]

The smart android tv box with RK3328 chip supports the latest international standards such as 4K Ultra HD (HDD Premium) and HDR10/HLG. which is:

1, 4K should be 3840×2160 or 4096×2160 in the image quality output, and the frame rate per second is at least 60 frames.

2, with HDR high dynamic lighting rendering technology, HDR technology can effectively improve the image quality contrast, adjust the color gamut and lighting, so that the details of the bright and dark areas can be better displayed.

3, H.265 hard decoding, the current 4K film is basically using H.265 encoding technology, so to output these film sources, you must have H.265 hard decoding capabilities.

4, to achieve 10bit color depth, true 4K color depth from 8bit to 10bit, compared to the previous 8bit, in the color gamut and color quality fineness has nearly doubled (gamut coverage reached 78.5%), There will be no 8-bit color shading or uneven color patches.

Here are some of the standards, to actually test the image quality of the smart android tv box!

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https://www.h96tvbox.com/android-tv-box ... t-cpu.html
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