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Do any of you remember the Dell promotions they had a couple years ago where you could get 50% off a $1500 or more laptop? They required a coupon code which was pretty damn easy to get a hold of. I wish I could have bought one back then.
What reminded me of that was talking to a friend today who wants to get himself a new laptop. He's decided he wants a Lenovo Thinkpad tablet. I've tried talking him into getting an HP or Dell, but he loves the IBM/lenovo stuff so that's what he wants. While hanging out with him tonight, he spent quite a while looking for a promotional discount code to take money off the price of the laptop.
So, I ask the Hive Mind if they know of any coupon codes for a Lenovo Thinkpad tablet.
What about other online coupons? Do they get you to buy stuff you normally wouldn't? (Like the Dell promotion mentioned above) What promotions would you like to see again? And will Dell ever do that half-off promotion again?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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