new firmware AndroidTV10 : a solution to solve UHD problems with Benq connected projectors?

Here you will find anew firmware for TV Box, Mini PC, Tablet, etc.
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Hello everyone,

I have a Benq TH685i projector. It is a wifi and bluetooth connected model that has a QS01 HDMI dongle for Android TV on the back. It is a FullHD and Ultra HD compatible model.

However, for a few weeks now, I can no longer play Ultra HD video content: the projector starts flickering/blinking while searching for the video source as soon as I launch this type of content. However, I don't have any problems when I cast the same content over wifi from my MacBookPro to the projector (via Google Chrome). I should also point out that I don't experience any flicker problems with conventional (non-UHD) video content. The only solution I found to play UHD content directly from the projector's Android interface is to disable the HDR (high dynamic range) function, but in this case the colours are much less beautiful.
I have already reset my projector's factory settings and its Android system. I also checked my internet connection (I live in the city centre and have a fibre connection with very high speed).

Benq technical support thinks that a new update of AndroidTV10 which should be released soon will solve the problem. Do you know more about this?

I'd love to hear any insights on the subject!
Thank you very much in advance
Luc (from France)
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